We are pleased to introduce module specific coaching for IELTS preparation. These programs are specially designed for those people who need help in particular modules and are already doing well in others. Coaching will be centered around each module specifically, and not on the test as a whole. This will enable candidates to work on their weaknesses in an organized way.

The classes will be conducted by trainers who are expert in that particular area. For instance, the trainers for reading module will have in depth knowledge of IELTS reading and will work with students to help them understand the module and provide necessary techniques to help them increase their score as well as speed.

This approach will enable students to get the desired result in an efficient manner, both in terms of cost and time. A candidate will not have to enroll for the entire IELTS preparation package and will have sufficient time left to work on other modules on his/her own.

At Higher Heights Institute, we always take your opinion and suggestions seriously, and this new chapter is a result of a popular demand by our students. We are very excited to offer these customized coaching sessions and look forward to assisting even more people in fulfilling their aspiration to study abroad.