The Cambridge University of the United Kingdom is one of the most iconic study destinations in the world. It is ranked number 5 in the world. The university offers undergraduate courses in social sciences, engineering, sciences and arts, and humanities.

Enlisted below are reasons to make the stellar Cambridge University your destination of advanced learning-

  1. 50% of the graduates at Cambridge are foreigners. The university has many beneficiary services for foreign students that cater to their needs and interests.
  2. Being one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the students attain qualifications from Cambridge are most sought after by the employers in every field. So, a degree from Cambridge holds great value in the market.
  3. Cambridge University is home to one of the largest library and museum in the world. Thus, it offers you a great exposure to the knowledge of the past as well as the present.
  4. Cambridge offers language tuitions, computing supports, and skills training to all its graduates apart from the regular academic subjects.
  5. Cambridge conducts 14 career events every year to provide better employment and placement opportunities to its students.
  6. The university has a Disability Resource Centre which assists differently abled students to facilitate their comfort during the course.
  7. Whether you want to participate in a sport, pursue a hobby or join a political party, Cambridge University provides facilities for assistance in all of it.
  8. Cambridge University has excellent rail and road links to most of the notable places in the area and is only 50 minutes away from London by train. All of London’s international airports are within easy reach.
  9. The picturesque boulevards, the pretty orchards and the serene atmosphere attract students from all over the world. The university offers the benefits of a hustling city life along with the leisure of countryside nearby. So, at Cambridge, your life will be full of excitement as well as peace.
  10. Cambridge University provides facilities of at least 3 years of accommodation to most of the students who come from other countries to study in the university.
  11. The departments of Cambridge University are renowned worldwide for their intensity and originality of research and significant contribution to the field of academics. At the departments, every student is provided a mentor who guides their research program and monitors their progress.
  12. The city has a very low crime rate which makes it a safe haven for the students of Cambridge University. The city is free of vandalism and drug abuse and ranks among the lowest in crime.
  13. The greatest names in the history of arts and academics form the iconic alumni of the Cambridge University. Sacha Baron Cohen, Oliver Cromwell, John Milton, Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking and Prince Charles of Wales are few of the most notable alumni of the university.

With all these assets, Cambridge University is rightly among the dream study abroad destinations for many students all across the world. Seize the most coveted opportunity of studying abroad in Cambridge University with an excellent IELTS score acquired with the specialized assistance and coaching imparted by the most experienced teachers at the No. 1 IELTS institute in India, Touchstone Educationals.

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